This is Wifey. Wifey hates to travel!

Actually, that’s not quite accurate. JoAnne hates thinking about travel. She hates planning travel. She loves the actual act of traveling. The sightseeing, the food, the languages, the adventure–she’s all in. But if I were to say, “there’s cheap air-fare to Tokyo next month, let’s go!” she would a) give me 15 reasons why we can’t go and b) freak-out.

Hi, I'm George. I love to Travel! How do we resolve this?

I love to take photos as we travel. I love to eat good food and drink good wine while we travel. I also love wifey–we’ve been married 37 years. So, how do we resolve this conundrum? With lots of advance planning so JoAnne can get comfortable, lots of negotiation, some compromises, a few fights, and a healthy ability to laugh at our absurdities. This blog is a work in progress. Please be patient while I get it set up. I thought I’d have plenty of time once I retired, but I’ve completely screwed up “retirement.” What I thought would be a week a month of consulting has turned into a series of semi-full-time gigs. I’m not complaining!!! It’s been a wonderful ride, and I’m so proud of the amazing people I’ve worked with. But it does cut into the blogging time.

Recent Trips